Whether it is on the entry doors at home or on a business facility, locks are very important as they are the first line of security. Hence, it is of the essence to make sure of the integrity of these locks, especially in situations that call for the need to rekey the locks such as when keys go missing.
Rekeying a lock involves changing the combination of the tumblers inside the lock to fit a new key into the existing lock, and this can be done by a locksmith. This process of rekeying locks makes the new key the working key and renders the old key invalid, never working again and like it wasn’t even in existence. Although rekeying locks may sound tiring and difficult, it is one of the easiest ways to enhance security at home. Here are some important reasons for rekeying locks.

• Cheaper than changing the complete lock
Rekeying your locks is very cost effective, in comparison to changing the whole existing lock. In changing locks, you will need to change handles and other lock hardware, more often in cases when there are multiple locks; so rekeying locks can save you lots of funds. Other locks such as some designer locks and handles may be a lot more expensive, so when you choose to rekey such locks instead of changing them completely, you will find it cheaper and a very good way to save yourself lots of money.

• Moving to a new place
After moving into a new place or a new house, it is a very good idea to rekey your locks or have your keys remade immediately, and this should even be the first thing to do once you get the place. Failure to rekey your locks may by accident give access to the former occupants of the building into your new home as they might have kept some spare keys to themselves or other keys might have circulated over time (such as to other family members, cleaners, or acquaintances), and this can be a threat to your security. Another situation may involve landlords or real-estate agents who may be in possession of the spare keys and might be able to gain access into your new place of residence or your new property. Whether your landlord or real estate agents suggest that you rekey your locks or not, it will be very helpful security-wise to take the initiative and rekey those locks.
Rekeying your locks gives you complete control over who gains access into your home or property and with this you will be sure of being in sole possession of the new keys to the locks with full control over their distribution.

• Lost or missing keys

Losing keys is an experience which can happen to anyone, and it is very common. You might lose your keys in many ways such as at work, on the road or on your way to or from somewhere, at a car park or your kids may even lose your keys during playtime or at other times. Most of these times it is difficult to remember or recall where they might be or even begin to search for them, thus rekeying your locks immediately will be very vital for you to gain access into your home/property and ensure security just in case the keys fall into the wrong hands or your misplaced keys are picked up by a stranger – who might go on to track you and break into your home.

• Employee quits, fired or completes a job
Certain unfavorable conditions may lead to an employee, either a babysitter, dog sitter, or a general help to quit or get fired from a job. Such employees may still be in possession of the keys which they used during their time in the job to gain access into your home. They may keep and use these keys out of spite to carry out harmful or criminal acts or purposes, hence the need to rekey locks immediately after such ones stop working for you. Even in a case where the condition for quitting their jobs was peaceful, it will still be a very good idea to rekey these locks. Others such as contractors might have worked and completed their jobs, and had copies or spares of keys to your locks during the period of the job and probably never returned them; it will be of security help to rekey locks in this case.

• Convenience
Carrying many keys about may prove to be very inconvenient but may be needed as these keys might give access to multiple locks. However, rekeying locks makes it more convenient for you especially when done by a good locksmith, as a professional rekeying job will conveniently give you access to all your locks by using just a single key. The level of convenience you have daily will definitely improve as you will not have to move about with a bunch of keys, but a single key that opens all your locks.
Another area of convenience involves the difficulty of opening old or broken locks. When locks get old, they may begin to malfunction or show some difficulty in opening them. Locks that are hard to open might actually be easily unlocked with force applied as such locks are not functioning properly, and this it may be tiring and less convenient to always force locks open. Rekeying such old or broken locks will ensure you more convenience and comfort when you access to home or property as the locks will open easily without force or struggles.

• Faster than replacing locks
It takes a lot of time or requires waiting for a long period of time to replace locks because looking for the exact hardware to buy may seem time intensive or strenuous. In some cases, such hardware for the locks will have to be ordered and shipped from abroad. On the other hand, locksmiths can immediately rekey your locks as rekeying takes less than half the amount of time that it takes to replace them. So rekeying locks is a very good idea and is much faster than replacing them.

ν Rekeying your locks will give you much peace of mind and a rich sense of security because you will have complete knowledge of how many keys you’ve got and who is in possession of those keys. So get a certified or reputable locksmith to rekey your locks and get the security and convenience of your locks ensured.

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