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Most safes from office supply and department stores offer limited tamper and fire resistance. To get the level of protection you should have at a reasonable cost, you need to determine exactly what tamper and fire resistance levels are appropriate, and select a safe certified at those ratings. You may need to store valuables such as jewelry or important records at home. Or you may be needing a gun safe. As a business owner or manager, you may need to store business records in a wall safe, or cash in a drop safe. We’re Dallas’s local experts, ready to evaluate your situation and help you choose the best safe. We’ll help you navigate the many options between tumbler combination, 6-button electronic, and biometric locks. Let us be your Dallas home and office safe experts and help you evaluate and choose the best safe for your particular situation.

We provide Top Quality Safe Services including:

Home & Office Safes

home office safesLet’s consider some general guidelines in selection, then cover the details of some particular types.
To choose the right kind of safe, you need to consider it’s purpose. That is, what will you store in it and what do you need to protect against. Whether commercial or residential, are you storing cash, valuables, business or personal records, media (film, computer records on CD-ROM, etc), or guns? Is your major concern theft or fire? Both? Is there risk of flooding? Do you need regular or quick access to the secured items (if not a bank safety deposit box may be a better choice)?
You should also check with your insurance company when selecting a safe. Some may offer discounts on your property and theft insurance, and that may involve meeting specific requirements.
Here’s some particular details to consider before you choose an exact make and model.
• Size — Visualize, or better still actually pile-up, all the things you might want to secure. It’s way more expensive to buy a small safe and then another one.
• Mechanical security — The heaver and thicker and better constructed the better.
• Electrical security — Electronic locks should have shut down feature based on the number of attempts and/or a timed duration. The electronics should withstand high-voltage “attacks.”
• Ease of use and maintenance — For businesses your safe may need to be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). Besides, if it’s difficult to lock and unlock, it might not get locked as often as it should. For safes with electronic locks, the batteries should be long-lasting and easy to replace.
• Portability and mounting — Do you need to secure items such as cash and paperwork while transporting them? In this case a small and light weight safe that can be placed inside your permanent safe is the best solution. Unless it’s incredibly heavy, a safe should be permanently mounted if at all possible. You can find models designed for wall-mount, floor-mount, under-desk, and under-bed mounting.
No safe is 100% burglar and fireproof if the threat lasts enough. So get the highest grade you can afford; that’s a sound investment. We’re happy to advise and help you make your selection.

Fire and Burglary Protection

fire safeMost homeowners think of safes primarily for theft protection. But actually, whether for business or home, fire is the number one consideration as it is the most likely to occur. Your possessions need to be protected against high temperatures, and safes rated for fire do this.
Fire safes are rated for duration. Although for home use a 1/2 hour rating is acceptable, we recommend 1 hour or longer for home as well as business. Most fire safes have materials that emit moisture which usually becomes steam, and are rated as 350 degrees. That’s the hottest the inside should reach during the rated time. That temperature is fine for most items, but not film, photographs, or computer media. These need a media-safe with a much lower internal temperature with a rating of 125 degrees.
A fire-only safe won’t protect against burglary (mechanical break-in). You need a burglary-rated safe for this. The outer casing should be at least 1/8″ thick (10 gauge or thicker), otherwise a sledge hammer can quickly open it. There should be at least 2, preferably 4 or more, bolts on the door. The bolts should be at least 1/2″ in diameter, preferably 1″ in diameter or more. Construction should be continuous welds, not spot welds. Ideally, door hinges should be internal although this reduces inside space. External hinges can be secure with a proper bolting mechanism.
Similarly, burglary-only safes won’t protect against fire damage. You should look for UL ratings covering both. Also check if the safe has a water-damage rating for flooding or fire-hose resistance.

Dallas Drop Safes

drop safeA drop or deposit safe is designed for the quick insertion of cash and business records without a combination, and their subsequent protection. The usual considerations of fire and burglary protection apply, and the drop slot itself adds special considerations. The slot or pull-out drop box must block any continuous path between the outside and inside. “Anti-fishing” measures such as sliding boxes, rotary partitions, and depth and angle are critical for deposit safes.
Since they’re most commonly used for cash, features such as alarms and timed and/or biometric lockouts should be used. Even if quite heavy, they should be securely floor or wall mounted.

Gun Safes

gun safeAs gun owners, we’re responsible for others’ safety as well as our own. A safe will guard against accidental use by children, a quick-grab during a robbery, and theft of your firearms. If you’re a collector, a safe is especially important in protecting your investment. Although generally not as rugged as other types, the general considerations apply. Yes, guns (and ammo!) need fire protection as well. There’s no standards for fire-rating, so do your homework and check the brand and model carefully. 911-Locksmiths is happy to advise our Dallas area community.
Handgun safes are generally smaller and less secure, and should be mounted. They’re primarily to keep out children. Full-size gun safes are much more rugged, and since they offer better protection can be used to secure jewelry and other valuables.
The locking mechanism is particularly important. You want something that’s secure, but quick to use even in the dark. Many people opt for a dual key and combination lock. A finger-print electronic lock is fast and secure, even against skilled thieves, and the “key” is always with you. But remember to check the batteries from time to time.

Wall Safes

wall safeIt is important to remember that wall safes get most of their security from being hidden. Wall safes can be easily hidden behind a picture or a mirror.
They can be installed in areas that are convenient to access, such as in a bedroom closet and they do not take up valuable living space because they are installed in unused space between wall studs.

Floor Safes

B1500_Floor_Safe_with_S_G_Combo_1372063138_7526You’ll need a jackhammer to pry these loose. Floor Safes offer the added advantage of concealment. Once installed in concrete and covered with a rug or carpet, they are near impossible to find. If the safe is found, it will literally take a jack hammer to wrest it out of the foundation.
And the door is drill-resistant hard plate made of hardened steel. You can’t buy a drill or drill bit at your local hardware store that will even scratch the surface.
That’s why these bad boys are our favorite high-security safes for gold coins, jewelry, paperwork, and a variety of other valuables. B Rated and strong enough to use in a commercial environment but still affordable enough to install at home. We also install one of our UL listed Group II high usage Hollon dials at no additional charge – to give you decades of problem-free usage.

911-Locksmith is your Dallas expert for all types of home and office safes. Give us a call; we’re happy to evaluate your particular situation and recommend the safe that’s best for you.

All our locksmiths are highly skilled and highly qualified to give you the quality service you deserve.

Antoine V.   Dallas, TXAntoine V. Dallas, TX"I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them..."

The guys working with 911 Locksmith were very flexible in understanding that I may have to cancel the appointment at the last minute. They were able to provide same-day service, which was important to us because we'd just bought the house and felt more comfortable having the locks changed on the day we got possession of the house. The gentleman who came was very professional, kind and worked quickly. I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them!

I went to see Batman last night in Plano and the movie was great !!! (but that's not why I'm writing....) we went out to my car and.... The keys are inside !!! My friend had triple A so we called them, but we got an eta of hour to hour and half and we still need to pay (she didn't pay the membership...). So we called a locksmith.
The first company didn't even gave us a price! "The tech will let you know when he gets there..." I know this trick already. The second company we called say they can be there in two hours!
Then we got 911locksmith, they gave us an exact estimate over the phone and the tech was there within 22 min on the clock! He was very polite and helpful and got it open very fast and professionally. The price was reasonable ($65 at 11pm).
Why four stars then? They didn't told me I can't pay with a check... Only cash or credit.
I saved their number on my phone, but I hope I won't need them again....
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