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Have you locked yourself out of your house? Or perhaps you need to replace locks after moving. Whatever your residential locksmith needs, 911 Dallas Locksmith Services is here to serve you.
We’re experts in high-security keys, keypad and iPhone electronic mechanisms, window and mailbox locks, fence and shed padlocks, and home safes. We understand that protecting your family is your top priority. We provide a variety of lock hardware and services helping you to make sure that you and your family are safe.

If you need emergency locksmith service for your home, 911 Dallas Locksmith Services is always available on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can give us a call to set up an appointment so we can help you with your residential locksmith needs at your convenience

Residential Lockout Service

We’re always ready to get you back inside after a lockout with our residential access services. We can then help keep your family safe. As with a vehicle, re-keying all locks is vital in avoiding future burglaries using those missing keys. While we’re there we can make duplicate keys for all you family members.
As you will discover below, besides doors we’re experts in the various locks you may have around your home.

Rekey or Repair Door Locks

We’re pleased to provide economical alternatives to lock replacement. If the lock is damaged or not working, a repair is often all that is needed. Rekeying is also less expensive than installing a new lock. There are many situations where you might want to rekey a lock so that the old keys will no longer work. That’s certainly true if you’ve lost a key or suspect one was stolen. Also, if you’re moving into a new home or apartment you really have no idea how many keys might still be out there, no matter how many the previous occupants returned to you.
At 911 Locksmiths we’re familiar with all the different types of door locks, the most common of which is a single-cylinder deadbolt. If the inside doorknob or lock can be reached through a broken window or mail slot, a double-cylinder deadbolt is a better solution. But that does involve some fire safety considerations. Locks built into doorknobs are easily defeated, so you should have a deadbolt as well.

High Security Locks

There are two facets to high security deadbolt locks. The first may be the use of special keys, often “3-dimensional” rather than the standard flat key with a notched edge. The other facet is the durability and tamper-resistance of the lock itself. That can be achieved through more rugged designs, stronger materials, and additional bolts. “Jimmy-proof” deadbolts provide additional security by interlocking with the door-jamb bracket; they can’t be forced or pulled open from the outside.

Keyless Entry Systems

911 Locksmith is also ready to meet your rekeying, repair, and installation needs for keyless entry systems. Like those of recent automobiles, these systems provided added convenience. The latest models may actually be more secure by avoiding the most vulnerable component, the key cylinder.

Keypad Locks

Keypad locks have been around for quite a while, particularly in commercial buildings. These use electronic push buttons instead of a key, so once you’ve memorized the code there’s nothing you need to carry around. Some companies, including Yale, have even replaced those buttons with a modern touch screen.

iPhone Remote Control Locks

The digital home has now integrated “iPhone remote locks” into security and home automation systems. These allow access form a smart phone, and some even support “eKeys” that you can electronically send to trusted friends, family, or service providers, and then later revoke permission whenever that seems appropriate. In many cases you can set access schedules, have them alert you to any use, and record who enters and when. Key fobs, just like with recent cars, support entry for anyone without a smart phone. Be sure to check for compatibility; even some major brands support iPhones but not Android phones.

Other Residential Locks

Window Locks

Don’t forget windows! These are usually simple latches inside, but we can provide added protection. For sliding track windows you can install simple stops that fit over the track yourself. 911 Locksmiths can add keyed latches for convenience, security, and child protection. For double-hung windows we can add a locking pin through one sash, and can position it so that the window can be opened slightly for ventilation. We’re also equipped and experienced in adding hinged wedge locks and keyed turnbuckle window locks.

And More

You probably aren’t aware of the different locks you have around the house… until you have a problem. Your front door is probably solid and secure, but patio doors are often a different matter. Outdoor fence and shed padlocks are often security weak points, and are perhaps a bit more likely to need repairs. File and desk locks aren’t used much in the typical home, but if they jam and you can’t get to what you need that can be a big frustration. Is your mailbox secure? Or has it just jammed?
Our experienced locksmiths are ready and equipped to handle all of these residential locks, and more.

Safe Installation

Whether for home or business, a safe is often called for to provide burglary and fire protection. We’re experts in choosing the right brand and model of safe for you based on size, tamper security, and fire protection needs. A free-standing safe provides lots of protection, but unless it’s really large a determined thief can haul it away. That’s why we also provide safe installation. A wall safe is a bit more secure, and their biggest advantage in concealment. Although expensive, a safe installed into a concrete slab floor, or even embedded in cement, provides the highest security and may even offer increased fire ratings.

We provide Top Quality home security and hardware services including:


Access and Re-Keying

  • Re-keying and/or new keys made for existing locks and deadbolts
  • Installation of new lock sets for any doorway or window accesses


Locks of All Kinds

  • All services on master systems and high-security locks
  • Repair and/or upgrades on all kinds of locks, including mailboxes


Safes and Security

  • Installment of a home safe
  • Setting up of peepholes
  • Other home security systems

All our locksmiths are highly skilled and highly qualified to give you the quality service you deserve.

Antoine V.   Dallas, TXAntoine V. Dallas, TX"I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them..."

The guys working with 911 Locksmith were very flexible in understanding that I may have to cancel the appointment at the last minute. They were able to provide same-day service, which was important to us because we'd just bought the house and felt more comfortable having the locks changed on the day we got possession of the house. The gentleman who came was very professional, kind and worked quickly. I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them!

I went to see Batman last night in Plano and the movie was great !!! (but that's not why I'm writing....) we went out to my car and.... The keys are inside !!! My friend had triple A so we called them, but we got an eta of hour to hour and half and we still need to pay (she didn't pay the membership...). So we called a locksmith.
The first company didn't even gave us a price! "The tech will let you know when he gets there..." I know this trick already. The second company we called say they can be there in two hours!
Then we got 911locksmith, they gave us an exact estimate over the phone and the tech was there within 22 min on the clock! He was very polite and helpful and got it open very fast and professionally. The price was reasonable ($65 at 11pm).
Why four stars then? They didn't told me I can't pay with a check... Only cash or credit.
I saved their number on my phone, but I hope I won't need them again....
Plano, TX


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