Rekeying Services in Dallas, TX with 911 Locksmith

Change Your Locks Fast at Your Residential or Commercial Property

You depend on locks to keep your home or business secure. But if someone else has access to your keys, those locks may not be as secure as they need to be. Rekeying locks in Dallas provides updated locks and new keys for your property, giving you greater control over who has access.

911 Locksmith and Security is the leading Dallas locksmith. We have rekeying services for residential and commercial properties throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, provided by a professional and trustworthy team dedicated to helping you feel comfortable and secure on your property. Schedule rekeying service online or contact us at 214-556-6714 to make an appointment.

How Rekeying Works in Dallas

Our rekeying services 911 Locksmith are a simple and affordable way to update your locks. We use the same locks you already have installed at your home or commercial property, but change which keys can unlock them.

Every lock has a set of pins in a particular arrangement. When you insert the key, it lines up with these pins. At this point, you can turn the key and unlock the door.

By changing the arrangement of these pins, we make it impossible for old keys to unlock the door. We provide you with the number of keys you need to fit these new locks, meaning you have the only keys that can access your property.

Our rekeying services work for:

  • Residential Rekeying – When you move into a new home or lose a house key, a residential rekey is an affordable way to keep your home secure.
  • Commercial Rekeying – Rekeying commercial locks can provide valuable security and limit access from those who might have previously had keys to your space.

911 Locksmith and Security can rekey both entry locks and deadbolt locks at your property. We are also experienced with all of the leading lock brands, including Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Master Lock, and Schlage, to provide dependable results with this delicate process

When Should You Schedule Lock Rekeying in Dallas?

Rekeying is a valuable service whenever you want to restrict access to your home or business. Most property owners in the area should schedule relying with 911 Locksmith:

  • After moving into a new home.
  • If you have lost your keys.
  • When a previous resident should no longer have access.

Rekeying a lock can also improve its functioning. If you have an older lock whose pins have become dirty or jammed, installing new pins can make it easier to turn the key and open your doors.

Why Choose 911 Locksmith for Rekey Services in Dallas

With over a decade of experience in locksmith services in Dallas, 911 Locksmith and Security has long been the leading company for residential and commercial rekeying. We provide services that are:

  • Affordable – Whether you need to rekey one lock or all of the locks in your home, our competitively priced rekeying packages start at $85 and include the pin reset and new key.
  • Fast – We offer same day locksmith services whenever possible to property owners in Dallas and the surrounding areas.
  • Comprehensive Services – Rekeying is one of the many locksmith services we offer in Dallas. We can also assist with lockouts, lock installation, and commercial security systems to help you ensure that your property is as secure as possible.

Our rekey services are available to properties throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Plano, Grapevine, Bedford, Arlington, and others. Whenever you need to change the locks in Dallas, contact our team at 214-556-6714 or set up a convenient appointment on the online calendar at a time that works for you.

As a Dallas locksmith, we provide a wide variety of locksmith services and home-security services and quality products! You can have peace of mind when you use our quality services as we are a bonded and insured, trustworthy, and dependable mobile locksmith that has grown with the community for over 13 years!