Whenever the possible use of existing keys pose a security problem, it’s time to rekey your locks. The process re-sets the inside of a lock so that all old keys will no longer work. It’s a fast and straight forward way of avoiding the expense of replacing all your locks. It can be especially important for commercial and apartment buildings where a master key grants access through many doors. Most keys are easily duplicated at hardware and big-box stores, so that it’s imperative to rekey after loosing control over any keys.
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The following suggests several situations in which it’s important to re-key or replace your locks, roughly in order of priority and urgency.

New Home, Office, or Commercial Building

When you purchase or rent a new or previously build home or other building, it’s wise to re-key all the locks before you move in. You may have nice new locks, but one or more keys have been in a lockbox to provide access to countless construction workers, re-modelers, and other people considering buying or renting the property. The vast majority of these people are quite honest, but it only takes one burglar to target a move-in.


If the building has been robbed it’s time to rekey, especially if there was no sign of forced entry. A burglar may also have gotten access to a key during the robbery as well. In these situations it’s also advisable to consider the alternative of upgrading to high-security locks.

New Tenants

Some landlords will re-key a rental space to protect themselves against the liability of a prior tenant gaining access. It’s a good idea to re-key immediately after the current leaves in order to prevent vandalism. If you’re the tenant yourself you need to coordinate changing the keys or locks with your landlord in order to abide by your lease and provide them the access they’re legally entitled to.

Personal and Personnel Issues

Whenever there’s a dispute it’s often possible to get your keys returned. But don’t forget that the key may have been copied, often for a very legitimate purpose at the time. So rekey if anyone you no longer trust once had a key. This especially true if an employee was fired for illegal activities or resigned in anger. Major conflicts between people in relationships, family members, and even babysitters and house cleaners may also pose a risk. A quick and inexpensive rekeying removes the opportunity for spur of the moment revenge.

Lost Key

If you’ve lost your keys, you may want to re-key on the chance that someone might find it and know which home or building it’s for. If you suspect that your keys have been stolen than this becomes a top priority and you should rekey as soon as possible


In brief, if there’s anyone that once had key that you no longer want to have access you should rekey or replace your locks. Leaving things the same is an invitation to everyone with prior access. Unless the locks are old and worn or you want to upgrade to special features or high-security locks, re-keying is the much more economical choice. Besides doors, don’t forget mailboxes and all your other locks.
You can stay secure if you go with a licensed company, employing only screened and certified locksmiths.