Expert Locksmith Services in McKinney

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Are you in or around McKinney and need a locksmith? You can count on 911-Locksmiths.

We’ll be there promptly with top-notch technical skills and a dedication to quality customer service. We’re true professionals, and of course we’re bonded, certified, and insured. Headquartered in Dallas, we’re proud to serve McKinney, perhaps the best part of the DFW Metro area. With its great business environment and hometown-style living, it’s a great place to be. 

About 911 Locksmith

We’re the area’s premier professional locksmiths, and keep up to date with the latest tools, techniques, and technologies. We’re known for our prompt and dependable emergency services and top-quality residential and commercial work — all at competitive rates. We serve McKinney and the Dallas Metro 24/7.

McKinney Emergency Locksmith Solutions

Lockouts are the most common type of emergency locksmith call, and what immediately jumps into someone’s mind when you mention “locksmith.” It can be incredibly frustrating looking at the keys locked inside your car during an auto lockout or not being able to get back into your own home on a hot humid day. If you’re locked out of your car at night in some unknown area, it can be downright frightening.

If you’re a business owner you know that every minute of a lockout means unproductive employees waiting outside or customers turning away. On the other hand, you may be ready to leave only to discover a broken lock that prevents you from securing your home or facility; that can be just as worrisome and problematic.

You can depend on 911-Locksmiths for the best in prompt emergency services, whether automotive, residential, or commercial. We’ll get you back in quickly, and while we’re there we can make new keys or rekey the building to maintain security. 911 can even program new fob transponders for late model cars. We’re also equipped for emergency lock repair or replacement.


We provide Top Quality security and hardware services to McKinney

All our locksmiths are highly skilled and highly qualified to give you the quality service you deserve.

McKinney Residential Locksmith

mckinney residential locksmith


We’re well prepared to deal with whatever’s necessary to get you back into your home without any damage. Protecting your home and family is vital, so we’re also ready to make new duplicate keys and re-key your house to prevent those old lost or stolen keys from being used. You can also count on 911 Locksmith for an upgrade of all the locks in and around your home.

Commercial Locksmith Services

commercial locksmith McKinney txHaving customers, or even employees, lined up in front of a locked door is a major headache. Every minute costs money. We’ll be there promptly, and our experienced master locksmiths assure that everything’s taken care of as quickly as possible. Whether for the whole building or just limited access areas we can also take care of re-keying to allay fears of break in, theft, or vandalism.

We’ve earned the trust of major corporate facilities here in McKinney, including Walmart, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Dollar General as well as the City of Prosper and the City of Dallas.

McKinney Automotive Locksmith Solutions

McKinney auto locksmith service


Locking your keys in the auto and staring at them through the window is often incredibly frustrating! We’ll take care of that, as well as lost or broken keys and damaged locks right away. Whether door, trunk, or even ignition, we’re experts at repair and replacement. It doesn’t matter if you have a foreign or domestic vehicle, high-security keys, or electronic and transponder keying. We’re equipped to program a replacement fob or make new keys while we’re there.

We Love McKinney, TX

We’re delighted to serve McKinney, 1st place winner in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live in the U.S. 2014 issue. It’s also one of the fastest growing cities, with a well-educated population and low unemployment. With the resources of a big city and the feel of a small hometown, it’s a great place for us to do business with our combination of commercial and residential services.

McKinney Residential Services

Our professionals are equipped to rekey, repair, or replace all types of door locks, including patio doors. We’re experts in high-security deadbolts.

Don’t neglect security in other aspects of your home. Our special services include window, mailbox, fence, and shed locks. 911-Locksmiths is also up to date on the latest keyless entry systems. Did you know that it’s now possible to lock and unlock your home from an iPhone? We offer such systems, and in many cases they can be integrated into your alarm or home automation system.

McKinney Commercial Locksmith Services

master locksmith key McKinney texasMcKinney enjoys a diverse mix of industries, including many high-tech companies. Our years of experience means we understand a broad range of locksmithing needs. Our lockout, rekey, repair, and replacement services include file and desk locks, and we’re experts in magnetic, electronic, and keypad entry systems. We understand the needs for high-security locks and restricted-access areas. We’re the local experts when it comes to master keying, keyed-access control, and key management systems. Our expertise also includes remote control locks and accompanying intercom systems. We’ll even take care of your door hardware, including exit devices and panic bars.

Home and Business Safe Installation in McKinney

The protection provided by a portable safe may not be worth the cost, especially if it’s from an office supply store or other retail outlet. Let us work with you to determine the exact type, size, tamper-protection rating, and fire rating that’s best for you — whether that’s a wall safe, floor safe, drop (deposit) safe, or gun safe. We then stand ready to provide professional and truly secure installation services.

Antoine V.   Dallas, TX

Antoine V. Dallas, TX

"I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them..."

The guys working with 911 Locksmith were very flexible in understanding that I may have to cancel the appointment at the last minute. They were able to provide same-day service, which was important to us because we'd just bought the house and felt more comfortable having the locks changed on the day we got possession of the house. The gentleman who came was very professional, kind and worked quickly. I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them!

Ash B.

Ash B.

I went to see Batman last night in Plano and the movie was great !!! (but that's not why I'm writing....) we went out to my car and.... The keys are inside !!! My friend had triple A so we called them, but we got an eta of hour to hour and half and we still need to pay (she didn't pay the membership...). So we called a locksmith.
The first company didn't even gave us a price! "The tech will let you know when he gets there..." I know this trick already. The second company we called say they can be there in two hours!
Then we got 911locksmith, they gave us an exact estimate over the phone and the tech was there within 22 min on the clock! He was very polite and helpful and got it open very fast and professionally. The price was reasonable ($65 at 11pm).
Why four stars then? They didn't told me I can't pay with a check... Only cash or credit.
I saved their number on my phone, but I hope I won't need them again....
Plano, TX


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