Master Key System Installation and Support with 911 Locksmith

911 Locksmith is Your Commercial Locksmith in Dallas - Ready and Able to Support Your Master Key System Management

As a commercial property owner, you need to have access to every space on your property. This is important for everything from an emergency when you need to let in first responders to everyday maintenance if you have janitorial staff or contractors coming by to do work. You also need to limit access to other parts of the building. The answer to this is a master key system – a system of locks and keys that makes it possible for different keys to open multiple or individual locks.

911 Locksmith and Security offers commercial master key services in Dallas. We work with property owners, property managers, and business owners for properties of all sizes to provide affordable master key services at your commercial facility. Schedule an appointment with our team for an initial evaluation to get started with the master key process, or call us at 214-556-6714 with any questions.

How Our Master Key Systems Work for Commercial Properties

A master key system in Dallas establishes different levels of security for the doors and other locked spaces at your business. Individual keys can open specific locks on the property, while a single master key can access many different locks, potentially granting access to every space in the facility. 

We work with you to create a master keys schematic that determines which keys will have access to which spaces and which specific locks in your facility can also be unlocked with a master key. Once your schematic is approved, our master key installation service in Dallas can install all of the locks throughout your facility, and then provide the necessary keys to make the system work. 

Other master key locksmith services we provide include rekeying locks, cutting keys, or duplicating keys, and master key lockout services. 

Why Use a Master Key at Your Commercial Property 

The two main reasons that property owners decide to install master key systems are security and convenience. Being able to control facility security on the granular level provided by a master key system while still guaranteeing that select people can access the entire property provides added security that is important in many workplaces. 

There is also a significant convenience in having a single key, rather than having to carry a copy of every single key that corresponds to the different locks at a property. For janitorial services, security, and building managers, a single master key makes it easier to do the job and reduces the risk that keys will be lost. 

Master keys are valuable for many different types of businesses and 911 Locksmith works with all the following business and more to install and maintain a master key systems:

  • Offices
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Multifamily Residential Complexes 
  • Industrial Facilities 

Master keys can work for all sizes of facilities, whether you have a few rooms or multiple different buildings you need to secure.

Get Started with a Security Company You Can Trust in Dallas

911 Locksmith and Security is a local locksmith that has worked with commercial properties in Dallas for over a decade. The security of your property is paramount to our team and we use the most effective solutions to be sure that you are protected. Whether you are looking to install a master key system or need changes made on an existing one, our professional team has the tools to help you. Contact us at 214-556-6714 or make an appointment online to get started with our services.

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