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Because it can be confusing at times

Rekeying a lock is the process of changing the internal pin tumbler to match a new key. After the the process is done, the old key will not work anymore. Only the new key will operate the lock.

The amount of keyholes you have to replace is the amount of rekeys you will need.

Yes! Many people buy their own lock sets at a hardware store and just need us to install it. 

Yes! We install a wide range of both keypad door locks and smart door locks. We have locks that can be opened with codes, mobile devices, computers, and ID cards!

Yes! We install systems that are able to buzz someone in on the spot or lock down all your doors at once. You can use assigned ID cards that open the doors or leave them unlocked at certain times. It’s up to you!

Yes! We are partnered with several top tier security brands and specialize in installing their hardware. Just a few of these brands include Schlage, Kwikset, Mul-T-Lock, and Brivo.

Whether a lock can be repaired or not depends on the state of your current lock. If it can be repaired, the technician will repair it, however if the condition of the lock is unsafe we will recommend a replacement. 

Our technicians carry standard equipment and basic keypads on their work vehicles at all times. Should you need something that is more specific, advanced, or customized, we will happily order and install it for you. 

We will do everything we can to offer same day service when needed! There may be a same day service call charge to cover an emergency trip, but we will do our absolute best to be accommodating to emergency needs.

Yes! We would love to talk through access control solutions with you! We have some great commercial experts on staff who can install and set up an access control system for you! 

Absolutely! Our technician’s work vehicles are equipped with all the standard tools and parts needed  for common jobs. If there is something customized or specific you are needing, we are more than happy to order and install if for you!  

A fresh install is a lock that is installed on a part fo the door that has never had a lock there before. It is different then replacing a lock and it requires a technician to drill holes into the front and side of the door. It is much more labor intensive and you want to be sure you have a technician equipped to complete the job.

Fresh installs are a more complex type of labor. It involves drilling holes and modifying your entire door. This requires more time and skill for a tech to execute properly. 

Yes! We specialize in all types of commercial locksmithing. High security locks, exit devices, rim cylinders, rekeys, and more! We also install Access control units!

We pride ourselves on being fair and affordable. Pricing truly depends on the service needed. The best way to get an estimate is to give us a call at  214-556-6714 or send us a message!

Yes! Right now, we have an online scheduling special. When you schedule a service online, you are automatically getting a discounted rate. The price you see covers both the trip and service call! 

For other specials, keep an eye on our google business profile as well as our social media platforms where we advertise deals and specials that are going on.

We take cash, credit, or debit card. The technician is able to collect payment while on site. 


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