Have you been looking for the best combination of physical security and convenience? When it comes to keyless entry and access control in the Dallas area, 911 Locksmith Services has the answer.

At one time “janitor syndrome” was prevalent.  Managers, and even employees, needed a dozen or more keys to get around a business campus or other facility.

Fortunately those days are long gone.  Keyless locks, whether using codes or card readers, get rid of that heavy and bulky key chain and give management and business owners added security and flexibility through physical access control systems.

We often get questions about our access control services and keyless entry locks, so here are some of the basics.

Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless locks have been around for decades, going all the way back to mechanical push-button mechanisms.  They avoid the cost of deploying numerous keys, and the cost of re-keying if a key is lost, stolen, or not returned.  Plus they’re a big convenience for everyone.  Now days the majority are electronic and take advantage of the latest microchip technologies.

Code Keypads

Modern electronic keypad based access provides lots of flexibility, and some makes and models can be tied into security control panels and access control systems.  You can choose from a wide variety these locks, with varying lengths of codes, multiple valid codes for tracking, and many other special features.

Card Readers

People dislike memorizing codes, especially just for temporary access, and have a bad tendency to share their codes with others.  Card locks provide convenience and tracking without those drawbacks, and are often combined with employee ID badges.

Magnet stripe technology (much like credit cards) are giving way to contactless RFID (radio-frequency identification) technologies for added reliability and card lifetime.

With a huge number of codes available, when card locks are tied into a central system location, hour, and minute of access as well as and other monitoring can be done down to the level of individual employees. All those permissions can be controlled centrally, with no need to go to each location or call in the individual.

Access Control for Flexibility and Tracking

Keyless entry locks can send their ID, and that of the user, to a computerized access control system network.  That system performs authentication to determine whether or not access should be granted, unlocking the door, and recording the activity into a database.  This provides a huge degree of flexibility and accountability for safety as well as for theft and vandalism protection.

The amazing developments in digital technology means that these systems can be both low-cost and very powerful.  Access control systems are now commonly used in office complexes, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, and even senior living facilities.  These systems can instantly switch to special configurations for emergencies such as evacuations and lock-downs, and incorporate features such as forced-open and left-open alarms.

911 Locksmiths

We’re an experienced full-service locksmith company serving the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metro area.  We’re professional experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing keyless entry locks and access control systems.  Our well-trained and certified technicians understand the security risks of wiring, and the importance of every step in the installation process.  Our company is Texas DPS licensed, and has the highest review ranking on Home Advisor for our combination of technical excellence and great customer service.