Security professionals recommend that everyone, residents and businesses alike, have high security locks.  Why?  Regular locks are surprisingly easy to pick if you’ve had a little practice.  Well over half of all break ins show no signs of forced entry, meaning that picking is a likely means of access.

Lock picking is actually a not altogether unusual hobby.  Many honest people are interested for various reasons, and how-to information is widely available.  Tools are easily purchased, and you may be surprised to know that anyone can legally possess those tools in most states.  You can even make your own from common materials.  For once things actually work like on TV; picking or bumping takes only a few seconds and from a distance doesn’t look the least bit suspicious.

So it’s important to use up-to-date high-security locks to protect your valuable possessions and loved ones.    That includes irreplaceable heirlooms as well as proprietary and confidential business information.  It’s more critical than ever before with today’s expensive high-demand home electronics and business computers.

There’s no need to replace the entire lock if you’re satisfied with your current hardware.  A certified locksmith like 911 can upgrade just the cylinder.

Picking and Bumping

It can be surprisingly easy to pick, bump, drill, or otherwise force open the usual key-based locks.

Lock Picking

It’s not difficult to learn how to pick common pin, tumbler, or wafer styles.  The process employs various shapes and types of picks inserted into the slot together with special “wrenches” to apply the twisting motion.  There are even automatic lock-picking “guns.”  Essentially, you jiggle the pins and feel for when each is in its correct position.

Lock Bumping

Bump keys are relatively recent, so that older high security locks may not be fully protected.  These keys are specially cut (irrespective of individual locks) and then struck (bumped) to make the pins move just enough.  It’s a bit of a hit or miss procedure, but even less skill is required.

Dallas High-Security Locks

Today’s high security locks are designed and manufactured to be as pick-proof and bump-proof as possible, with lock-outs and rekeying possible only with controlled and tracked professional locksmith tools.  Most expand the 2-dimensional zig-zag of a key edge into a much more complicated 3-D shape.  Their special features include various, often patented, combinations of the following.

  • restrictive keyways, with complex “off-axis” shapes
  • security pins and other anti-manipulation components to resist bumping
  • stronger, hardened materials
  • tighter manufacturing tolerances

Their manufacturers carefully controls keys, requiring prior authorization and photo IDs for purchase.  Many involve unique and generally unavailable key blanks and special proprietary cutting machines.

It’s important to think beyond exterior doors.  Showcases, stockrooms, restricted areas, and in many cases even file cabinets need extra secure locking.  Now, no lock is completely undefeatable;  the goal is to make picking, bumping, or drilling them too much trouble and too time consuming to risk it.

911 Locksmiths – Your High Security Locksmiths in Dallas

Our company is experienced in providing rated high-security replacement cylinders for just about any make and model of lock.  We can also upgrade you with entirely new locks for further improved security, reliability, or just a new look.

911 Locksmiths is licensed and insured, and all our technicians are carefully prescreened and certified.  We offer a full-line of professional locksmith services together with customer service that will make us your Dallas locksmith choice.