Commercial Locksmith Services Dallas

Commercial Locksmith Services We Offer:

  • High Security Locks – Mechanical locks and keys are still one of the most reliable ways to secure a building or individual rooms. We can install standard locks and high security locks on your property.  We can also create all the keys you need for your locks, including commercial master keys that enable business building managers to easily move throughout the property.
  • Access Control System Installation – Access control systems use electronic locks and key cards to control access in your building, and also give you more in depth security control with options to lock down all doors and monitor who is coming and going.
  • Commercial Keypad Installation – Keypads can replace physical keys in a busy office building by using key codes or access cards. 
  • Buzz In Systems – We can install and repair systems that allow building visitors to call in and control the remote unlocking of doors.
  • Hardware Installation – Beyond a lock, additional hardware such as door closers, electric strikes, and mag locks can help protect access to sensitive areas.
  • Filing Cabinet Systems – such as emergency lockout service, file cabinet keying services, and more. 
  • Security Systems – includes door alarms, cameras, and other solutions to monitor who is in your building and alert you and the authorities in case of a break in

High-Quality Brands We Use:

  • Brivo 
  • Mul-T-Lock 
  • Kwikset
  • Schlange
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Educate Yourself:

High Security Locks

Let’s face it, a basic lock can only give you so much security. We partner with brands like Mul-T-Lock to elevate your safety with high-security locks that are pick resistant, bump resistant, break-in resistant, and have keys that can’t be readily duplicated. 


Trusted Partnerships

As a leading security company in Dallas, we are partnered with some of the best security software and hardware around. We can install Mul-T-Lock, Kwikset, Schlage, Brivo, and other top tier security systems.

Access Control

Protect your space with top tier technology that allows you to control who can enter and who can’t. Modern-day access control has not only taken security to the next level, but it can ensure the safety of you and anyone in your space. We have some of the best locksmiths in Dallas who can install a large variety of different access control systems to fit your needs. We also partner with Brivo, a cutting edge cloud based access control system!


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