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911 Locksmiths are experienced and certified for commercial unlocking, re-keying, and repair. We’re the Dallas locksmith of choice for all your commercial locksmithing needs. We’re experts in high-security, electronic keypad, and file cabinet locks as well as office safes and drop safes. We offer comprehensive security solutions for all sizes and types of businesses, including master keying with key management systems. We understand the special needs of businesses and commercial and industrial buildings.


• emergency lockouts 24/7
• installation, repair, and rekey
• high security locks
• magnetic and electric locks
• key pad locks

• file cabinet locks
• master key and key control
• panic bars
• intercom and access control
• door closers

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Our list of customers include Walmart, Burger King, City of Prosper,City of Dallas, KFC, AT&T, T-Mobile, Dollar General and others.

We provide Top Quality Commercial Locksmith and Security Services

We’ll discuss some important items and issues below, but there’s more options –type of door mount; single bored, double bored, interior vs exterior, knob or lever, and on and on — than be gone over even in a short book.
With decades of experience, our highly skilled technicians are ready to help you make the right choices for peace of mind security. Our goal is building long-term relationships with property owners and property managers.

Your business will never be dissatisfied with our thorough service and professional commitment.At 911 Locksmith in Dallas, we specialize in corporate accounts and we offer special locksmith services for property managers, realtors and contractors. We provide every type of commercial locksmith services available. Our technicians are up to date with the latest techniques and tools available. All of our technicians are pre-screened and fully licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

High-Security Locks

Commercial buildings need better protection than the usual home-improvement store lock provides. If you’re looking for an experienced locksmith in Dallas that specializes in high security, look no further.
The National Crime Prevention Council reports that almost 2/3 of break-ins show no sign of forced entry While it’s not sure how many of those were just from doors or windows being left unlocked, the importance of high-security locking is clear. They’re critical for office and other commercial building protection. And it’s relatively inexpensive to go beyond the common standard.
A high security lock has extra-solid construction throughout, and often special features. Various manufacturer’s lines go beyond standard keys to special shapes, including 3-D characteristics. Even with all this it’s important to remain up to date. One plastic-key high security system was later discovered to be easily hacked. Let’s work together to keep your facilities truly secure.

Magnetic and Electronic Door Locks in Dallas

Magnetic door locks, also called electromagnetic or maglocks, use a powerful electro-magnet to control the bolt strongly enough to resist tampering. Common ratings are 300, 600, 1200, and 2000 pounds of holding force. Below 300 lbs is generally useless; 1200 lbs is adequate for most circumstances.
These types may include a key-card reader or key pad for code entry, and offer many additional advantages. A timed unlock means no problems with someone forgetting to re-lock. A magnetic mechanism is much simpler, rendering them much more rugged and damage resistant than mechanical locks.
There are two basic types — fail safe and fail secure. A fail-secure device will remain locked even during a power outage, securing your property for an essentially unlimited duration. A fail-safe device will unlock during a power failure. That’s desirable, and even required, for fire and smoke safety. They’re appropriate for emergency exits, but not critical security areas, and require careful selection and installation.
Electronic door locks are used on buzz-in type doors. They’re inexpensive and convenient, but provide lower levels of security. They’re also available in fail-safe and fail-secure versions. AC versions will “hum” when open, whereas DC versions are silent unless equipped with a buzzer.

Keypad Locks

Key pad combinations solve the problem of lost keys, and eliminate the costs of key distribution. They’re used primarily for stand-alone authorized entry, determining who can and who can’t access a particular area. Many models support as many as a hundred different users with a million or more possible combinations. Options include multi-attempt or timed lockout, one-time codes, and temporary lockout of selected users. A master code can be used to assign emergency, supervisory, temporary, and regular user codes.
We’re the Dallas experts in installing and maintaining keypad locks, ready to help you choose from countless options.

Dallas Master Key and Key Control Systems

master key
A master key can permit access to all doors in a facility with a single key, which can be especially important in emergencies. That’s great for facility managers as well as owners, provided they’re thoroughly trustworthy. When that’s the case, a key control system is also called for. That’s a formal, organized way of controling access to the master and all other keys. A full system involves the physical keys, a secure key holding location, and documentation (who has authorization for what buildings and doors, key identification, what keys have been issued, and more). There should be no unauthorized undocumented access.
The basics seem simple, but implementing the details calls for a knowledgeable advisor, like 911-Locksmiths, to work with you and assure that only those authorized have access to keys and the opportunity for key duplication.

File Cabinet Locks

file cab
File cabinets are often a neglected part of business security. It’s good practice to periodically change the keying for to protect privacy and proprietary or sensitive information. Replacement file cabinet locks are usually brand-specific, so you’ll need a someone experienced in tracking town the exact part you need. Damaged locks and lost keys should be taken care of promptly.

Panic Bar Exit Devices

panic bar
A panic bar (also called a crash bar, exit device, panic device, or push bar) allows anyone to quickly open a door from the inside in case of an emergency. They’re called panic or crush bars as in fires or other disasters people tend to panic at a secured exit, and often pile up against the door or even stampede.
They’re required by OSHA and building codes for public buildings for rooms with many occupants (such as assembly areas), for areas with hazardous materials or dangerous conditions as well as in healthcare and educational facilities. Various smoke, fire, and emergency regulations apply depending on the building size, usage, number of stories, occupancy levels, and type of occupancy.
In most cases you’ll want the push bar to be alarmed to prevent employees or others allowing entrance to unauthorized personnel. You’ll find a large variety of other options as well — light versus heavy usage, type of door, outside handle and lock options, various levels of tamper resistance, battery back-up for the alarm, plus other electronic and security options. Together with code requirements, there’s a lot of options to consider. Let our years of experience in the Dallas area help you choose.

Intercoms and Access Control

access control
Combining an electronic or magnetic lock with an intercom promotes a safer working environment with secure entrances and door-side communication. Many systems include telephone entry systems for a central office or individual apartments or dorm rooms, and can be integrated with garage door openers and wireless key pads. Ask us about an intercom and access control system for your building.

Door Closers

door closer
Yes, something as seemingly as a door closer requires expertise.
Most use hydraulics to control the opening force and automatic closing speed, and these may be specified by fire, smoke, and health codes. Regulations may also specify maximum opening force and wind ratings. And there ‘s both California and federal ADA compliance requirements. Given all that, there’s also different arm types (parallel, push side, left, right, non-handed, side track…), different mounting types (surface, in-frame, in-door, in-floor), different weight ratings, and various duty ratings.
Let our expertise and experience in the greater Dallas area guide you to the right selection.

Door Hardware

door hardware
As locksmiths, we often deal with burglary and other door damage. For your convenience we’re on the ready with door hardware for the Dallas community.
• knobs, handles, and levers
• strike plates
• stops
• kick and push plates
• hinges
and more.
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24/7 fast response commercial locksmith services for all Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas.

Antoine V.   Dallas, TXAntoine V. Dallas, TX"I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them..."

The guys working with 911 Locksmith were very flexible in understanding that I may have to cancel the appointment at the last minute. They were able to provide same-day service, which was important to us because we'd just bought the house and felt more comfortable having the locks changed on the day we got possession of the house. The gentleman who came was very professional, kind and worked quickly. I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them!

I went to see Batman last night in Plano and the movie was great !!! (but that's not why I'm writing....) we went out to my car and.... The keys are inside !!! My friend had triple A so we called them, but we got an eta of hour to hour and half and we still need to pay (she didn't pay the membership...). So we called a locksmith.
The first company didn't even gave us a price! "The tech will let you know when he gets there..." I know this trick already. The second company we called say they can be there in two hours!
Then we got 911locksmith, they gave us an exact estimate over the phone and the tech was there within 22 min on the clock! He was very polite and helpful and got it open very fast and professionally. The price was reasonable ($65 at 11pm).
Why four stars then? They didn't told me I can't pay with a check... Only cash or credit.
I saved their number on my phone, but I hope I won't need them again....
Plano, TX


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