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How to Spot Fake Google Reviews

How to Spot Fake Reviews on Google

Have you ever combed through Google reviews looking for the perfect person to provide you with a home service? Maybe that be a locksmith, a plumber, an electrician, or moving company. Whatever the case may be, imagine finding what you think is the right fit because of all the tons of 5 star Google reviews, all to find out they performed subpar work which cost you an arm and a leg.

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dead bolt installation in dallas

How Many Locks Should Be On A Front Door? 

These days, most homes are typically equipped with two locks. Sometimes they may even have three! Of course, the more deadbolts you have, the more secure your home becomes to the outside world. But are all these locks necessary? Let’s learn about what precisely an entry lock should consist of before making a decision on which type will best suit your home. 

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Access control installation in dallas

How Access Control Systems Secure Properties

An access control system uses electronic locks any where you wish to limit access. These locks can be activated by:

Numeric Codes and Keypads
Remote Unlocking From a Central Control Panel 

911 Locksmith and Security uses the Brivo access control system. This software uses advanced and up to date technology to deliver reliable locking as well as offer you a high degree of control and exciting features that make it simple to keep your building secure.

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