When and why should I rekey my home?

Whether it is on the entry doors at home or on a business facility, locks are very important as they are the first line of security. Hence, it is of the essence to make sure of the integrity of these locks, especially in situations that call for the need to rekey the locks such as when keys go missing.
Rekeying a lock involves changing the combination of the tumblers inside the lock to fit a new key into the existing lock, and this can be done by a locksmith. This process of rekeying locks makes the new key the working key and renders the old key invalid, never working again and like it wasn’t even in existence. Although rekeying locks may sound tiring and difficult, it is one of the easiest ways to enhance security at home. Here are some important reasons for rekeying locks.

• Cheaper than changing the complete lock
Rekeying your locks is very cost effective, in comparison to changing the whole existing lock. In changing locks, you will need to change handles and other lock hardware, more often in cases when there are multiple locks; so rekeying locks can save you lots of funds. Other locks such as some designer locks and handles may be a lot more expensive, so when you choose to rekey such locks instead of changing them completely, you will find it cheaper and a very good way to save yourself lots of money.

• Moving to a new place
After moving into a new place or a new house, it is a very good idea to rekey your locks or have your keys remade immediately, and this should even be the first thing to do once you get the place. Failure to rekey your locks may by accident give access to the former occupants of the building into your new home as they might have kept some spare keys to themselves or other keys might have circulated over time (such as to other family members, cleaners, or acquaintances), and this can be a threat to your security. Another situation may involve landlords or real-estate agents who may be in possession of the spare keys and might be able to gain access into your new place of residence or your new property. Whether your landlord or real estate agents suggest that you rekey your locks or not, it will be very helpful security-wise to take the initiative and rekey those locks.
Rekeying your locks gives you complete control over who gains access into your home or property and with this you will be sure of being in sole possession of the new keys to the locks with full control over their distribution.

• Lost or missing keys

Losing keys is an experience which can happen to anyone, and it is very common. You might lose your keys in many ways such as at work, on the road or on your way to or from somewhere, at a car park or your kids may even lose your keys during playtime or at other times. Most of these times it is difficult to remember or recall where they might be or even begin to search for them, thus rekeying your locks immediately will be very vital for you to gain access into your home/property and ensure security just in case the keys fall into the wrong hands or your misplaced keys are picked up by a stranger – who might go on to track you and break into your home.

• Employee quits, fired or completes a job
Certain unfavorable conditions may lead to an employee, either a babysitter, dog sitter, or a general help to quit or get fired from a job. Such employees may still be in possession of the keys which they used during their time in the job to gain access into your home. They may keep and use these keys out of spite to carry out harmful or criminal acts or purposes, hence the need to rekey locks immediately after such ones stop working for you. Even in a case where the condition for quitting their jobs was peaceful, it will still be a very good idea to rekey these locks. Others such as contractors might have worked and completed their jobs, and had copies or spares of keys to your locks during the period of the job and probably never returned them; it will be of security help to rekey locks in this case.

• Convenience
Carrying many keys about may prove to be very inconvenient but may be needed as these keys might give access to multiple locks. However, rekeying locks makes it more convenient for you especially when done by a good locksmith, as a professional rekeying job will conveniently give you access to all your locks by using just a single key. The level of convenience you have daily will definitely improve as you will not have to move about with a bunch of keys, but a single key that opens all your locks.
Another area of convenience involves the difficulty of opening old or broken locks. When locks get old, they may begin to malfunction or show some difficulty in opening them. Locks that are hard to open might actually be easily unlocked with force applied as such locks are not functioning properly, and this it may be tiring and less convenient to always force locks open. Rekeying such old or broken locks will ensure you more convenience and comfort when you access to home or property as the locks will open easily without force or struggles.

• Faster than replacing locks
It takes a lot of time or requires waiting for a long period of time to replace locks because looking for the exact hardware to buy may seem time intensive or strenuous. In some cases, such hardware for the locks will have to be ordered and shipped from abroad. On the other hand, locksmiths can immediately rekey your locks as rekeying takes less than half the amount of time that it takes to replace them. So rekeying locks is a very good idea and is much faster than replacing them.

ν Rekeying your locks will give you much peace of mind and a rich sense of security because you will have complete knowledge of how many keys you’ve got and who is in possession of those keys. So get a certified or reputable locksmith to rekey your locks and get the security and convenience of your locks ensured.

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Keyless Entry and Access Control

Have you been looking for the best combination of physical security and convenience? When it comes to keyless entry and access control in the Dallas area, 911 Locksmith Services has the answer.

At one time “janitor syndrome” was prevalent.  Managers, and even employees, needed a dozen or more keys to get around a business campus or other facility.

Fortunately those days are long gone.  Keyless locks, whether using codes or card readers, get rid of that heavy and bulky key chain and give management and business owners added security and flexibility through physical access control systems.

We often get questions about our access control services and keyless entry locks, so here are some of the basics.

Keyless Entry Locks

Keyless locks have been around for decades, going all the way back to mechanical push-button mechanisms.  They avoid the cost of deploying numerous keys, and the cost of re-keying if a key is lost, stolen, or not returned.  Plus they’re a big convenience for everyone.  Now days the majority are electronic and take advantage of the latest microchip technologies.

Code Keypads

Modern electronic keypad based access provides lots of flexibility, and some makes and models can be tied into security control panels and access control systems.  You can choose from a wide variety these locks, with varying lengths of codes, multiple valid codes for tracking, and many other special features.

Card Readers

People dislike memorizing codes, especially just for temporary access, and have a bad tendency to share their codes with others.  Card locks provide convenience and tracking without those drawbacks, and are often combined with employee ID badges.

Magnet stripe technology (much like credit cards) are giving way to contactless RFID (radio-frequency identification) technologies for added reliability and card lifetime.

With a huge number of codes available, when card locks are tied into a central system location, hour, and minute of access as well as and other monitoring can be done down to the level of individual employees. All those permissions can be controlled centrally, with no need to go to each location or call in the individual.

Access Control for Flexibility and Tracking

Keyless entry locks can send their ID, and that of the user, to a computerized access control system network.  That system performs authentication to determine whether or not access should be granted, unlocking the door, and recording the activity into a database.  This provides a huge degree of flexibility and accountability for safety as well as for theft and vandalism protection.

The amazing developments in digital technology means that these systems can be both low-cost and very powerful.  Access control systems are now commonly used in office complexes, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, schools, and even senior living facilities.  These systems can instantly switch to special configurations for emergencies such as evacuations and lock-downs, and incorporate features such as forced-open and left-open alarms.

911 Locksmiths

We’re an experienced full-service locksmith company serving the greater Dallas / Fort Worth metro area.  We’re professional experts at installing, maintaining, and repairing keyless entry locks and access control systems.  Our well-trained and certified technicians understand the security risks of wiring, and the importance of every step in the installation process.  Our company is Texas DPS licensed, and has the highest review ranking on Home Advisor for our combination of technical excellence and great customer service.

Everyone Needs High Security Locks

Security professionals recommend that everyone, residents and businesses alike, have high security locks.  Why?  Regular locks are surprisingly easy to pick if you’ve had a little practice.  Well over half of all break ins show no signs of forced entry, meaning that picking is a likely means of access.

Lock picking is actually a not altogether unusual hobby.  Many honest people are interested for various reasons, and how-to information is widely available.  Tools are easily purchased, and you may be surprised to know that anyone can legally possess those tools in most states.  You can even make your own from common materials.  For once things actually work like on TV; picking or bumping takes only a few seconds and from a distance doesn’t look the least bit suspicious.

So it’s important to use up-to-date high-security locks to protect your valuable possessions and loved ones.    That includes irreplaceable heirlooms as well as proprietary and confidential business information.  It’s more critical than ever before with today’s expensive high-demand home electronics and business computers.

There’s no need to replace the entire lock if you’re satisfied with your current hardware.  A certified locksmith like 911 can upgrade just the cylinder.

Picking and Bumping

It can be surprisingly easy to pick, bump, drill, or otherwise force open the usual key-based locks.

Lock Picking

It’s not difficult to learn how to pick common pin, tumbler, or wafer styles.  The process employs various shapes and types of picks inserted into the slot together with special “wrenches” to apply the twisting motion.  There are even automatic lock-picking “guns.”  Essentially, you jiggle the pins and feel for when each is in its correct position.

Lock Bumping

Bump keys are relatively recent, so that older high security locks may not be fully protected.  These keys are specially cut (irrespective of individual locks) and then struck (bumped) to make the pins move just enough.  It’s a bit of a hit or miss procedure, but even less skill is required.

Dallas High-Security Locks

Today’s high security locks are designed and manufactured to be as pick-proof and bump-proof as possible, with lock-outs and rekeying possible only with controlled and tracked professional locksmith tools.  Most expand the 2-dimensional zig-zag of a key edge into a much more complicated 3-D shape.  Their special features include various, often patented, combinations of the following.

  • restrictive keyways, with complex “off-axis” shapes
  • security pins and other anti-manipulation components to resist bumping
  • stronger, hardened materials
  • tighter manufacturing tolerances

Their manufacturers carefully controls keys, requiring prior authorization and photo IDs for purchase.  Many involve unique and generally unavailable key blanks and special proprietary cutting machines.

It’s important to think beyond exterior doors.  Showcases, stockrooms, restricted areas, and in many cases even file cabinets need extra secure locking.  Now, no lock is completely undefeatable;  the goal is to make picking, bumping, or drilling them too much trouble and too time consuming to risk it.

911 Locksmiths – Your High Security Locksmiths in Dallas

Our company is experienced in providing rated high-security replacement cylinders for just about any make and model of lock.  We can also upgrade you with entirely new locks for further improved security, reliability, or just a new look.

911 Locksmiths is licensed and insured, and all our technicians are carefully prescreened and certified.  We offer a full-line of professional locksmith services together with customer service that will make us your Dallas locksmith choice.

When to Re-key Your Home or Business

Whenever the possible use of existing keys pose a security problem, it’s time to rekey your locks. The process re-sets the inside of a lock so that all old keys will no longer work. It’s a fast and straight forward way of avoiding the expense of replacing all your locks. It can be especially important for commercial and apartment buildings where a master key grants access through many doors. Most keys are easily duplicated at hardware and big-box stores, so that it’s imperative to rekey after loosing control over any keys.
911 Locksmith assures your ongoing security. We’re bonded and insured, and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. All of our technicians are thoroughly per-screened and certified.
The following suggests several situations in which it’s important to re-key or replace your locks, roughly in order of priority and urgency.

New Home, Office, or Commercial Building

When you purchase or rent a new or previously build home or other building, it’s wise to re-key all the locks before you move in. You may have nice new locks, but one or more keys have been in a lockbox to provide access to countless construction workers, re-modelers, and other people considering buying or renting the property. The vast majority of these people are quite honest, but it only takes one burglar to target a move-in.


If the building has been robbed it’s time to rekey, especially if there was no sign of forced entry. A burglar may also have gotten access to a key during the robbery as well. In these situations it’s also advisable to consider the alternative of upgrading to high-security locks.

New Tenants

Some landlords will re-key a rental space to protect themselves against the liability of a prior tenant gaining access. It’s a good idea to re-key immediately after the current leaves in order to prevent vandalism. If you’re the tenant yourself you need to coordinate changing the keys or locks with your landlord in order to abide by your lease and provide them the access they’re legally entitled to.

Personal and Personnel Issues

Whenever there’s a dispute it’s often possible to get your keys returned. But don’t forget that the key may have been copied, often for a very legitimate purpose at the time. So rekey if anyone you no longer trust once had a key. This especially true if an employee was fired for illegal activities or resigned in anger. Major conflicts between people in relationships, family members, and even babysitters and house cleaners may also pose a risk. A quick and inexpensive rekeying removes the opportunity for spur of the moment revenge.

Lost Key

If you’ve lost your keys, you may want to re-key on the chance that someone might find it and know which home or building it’s for. If you suspect that your keys have been stolen than this becomes a top priority and you should rekey as soon as possible


In brief, if there’s anyone that once had key that you no longer want to have access you should rekey or replace your locks. Leaving things the same is an invitation to everyone with prior access. Unless the locks are old and worn or you want to upgrade to special features or high-security locks, re-keying is the much more economical choice. Besides doors, don’t forget mailboxes and all your other locks.
You can stay secure if you go with a licensed company, employing only screened and certified locksmiths.

Antoine V.   Dallas, TXAntoine V. Dallas, TX"I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them..."

The guys working with 911 Locksmith were very flexible in understanding that I may have to cancel the appointment at the last minute. They were able to provide same-day service, which was important to us because we'd just bought the house and felt more comfortable having the locks changed on the day we got possession of the house. The gentleman who came was very professional, kind and worked quickly. I'm very happy with this company and highly recommend them!

I went to see Batman last night in Plano and the movie was great !!! (but that's not why I'm writing....) we went out to my car and.... The keys are inside !!! My friend had triple A so we called them, but we got an eta of hour to hour and half and we still need to pay (she didn't pay the membership...). So we called a locksmith.
The first company didn't even gave us a price! "The tech will let you know when he gets there..." I know this trick already. The second company we called say they can be there in two hours!
Then we got 911locksmith, they gave us an exact estimate over the phone and the tech was there within 22 min on the clock! He was very polite and helpful and got it open very fast and professionally. The price was reasonable ($65 at 11pm).
Why four stars then? They didn't told me I can't pay with a check... Only cash or credit.
I saved their number on my phone, but I hope I won't need them again....
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