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How Many Locks Should Be On A Front Door? 

There’s a very good chance that if you live in an apartment, you have two locks on your front door. But have you ever wondered why there are two? 

The reason for there being two is because one of them is a privacy deadbolt. This type of lock basically keeps others from getting inside your apartment or home while you are also inside.

So, let’s break that down! One deadbolt is to lock your home while you are away and the second is for extra security while you are inside the home in the event someone else has a key or tries to break-in. 

These days, most homes are typically equipped with two locks. Sometimes they may even have three! Of course, the more deadbolts you have, the more secure your home becomes to the outside world. But are all these locks necessary? Let’s learn about what precisely an entry lock should consist of before making a decision on which type will best suit your home. 

Are Two Locks Absolutely Necessary For Me To Feel Safe? 

Of course if you are in a high or even moderate-crime area, it would make sense for you to request two deadbolts to be installed on your doors. However, in some cases, a single sturdy lock on your door will also do the trick. 

As a cheaper alternative, you could also consider installing a chain security lock to keep others from just walking into your home whenever they please. These types of locks can often be found at motels and are another form of protection against intruders who might try taking what’s inside your home without permission.

If installing multiple locks seems like too much work, there are plenty of other effective solutions such as a chain lock to get better protection at home. Here is a list of tips we put together!

dead bolt installation in dallas
Double deadbolts installed on a front door

5 Ways To Better Secure Your Front Door

1.) Get A Solid Door And Door Frame

Before you even begin to consider changing your locks or installing new/additional ones, take some time to examine that in which the locks protect: the front door itself. 

For example, you could have the highest quality locks on your doors, but suppose your door and frame can still easily crumble to aggressive kicks from an intruder, thus making them pointless. You want to double check your door and frame is sturdy enough, along with all its hinges, doorknobs and any other metal parts in general before making any decisions on your locks alone. 

For the highest security of doors, for obvious reasons, metal ones work better than wood core models that can often be demolished by criminals with the proper force or tools. 

Dallas metal door and door frame installation
Solid metal door and door frame

2.) Replace Your Strike Plate

You are probably asking, what in the world is a strike plate? And that’s okay because you are no locksmith. The strike plate is that small metal plate that is often screwed into your door frame and where the deadbolt latches inside to create an instant barrier for any would-be intruder by preventing them from forcing their way inside with just one blow (or series of them). 

During some of the most violent crimes or invasions, a strong strike plate can buy yourself enough time for authorities to arrive and put the criminal behind bars. 

strike plate installation in dallas
Strike plates on front door

3.) Install Sturdy Locks

As you can imagine, not all locks are suitable for front doors. The best locks are those that are solid anti-pick, anti-kick, and bump-proof that can withstand almost anything that comes its way in a break in attempt.

Here at 911 Locksmith & Security we partner with brands like Mul-T-Lock (see below picture) and Kenaurd to elevate your safety with high-security locks that are pick resistant, bump resistant, break-in resistant, and have keys that can’t be readily duplicated.

Lock installation in Dallas
Silver high security Mul-T-Lock Deadbolt Installation on front door

4.) Secure Other Entry Locks

Locking your front door is essential, but what about all of those other side, back, garage and other doors? Of course, you should secure them too! Burglars are smart and know the one main point of entry is often the most protected and secure. Criminals may try and take advantage while you protect the front door, leaving all the other doors vulnerable if they’re not adequately locked up tight with sturdy locks. 

Rekey Keypad in The Colony
Back door keypad deadbolt and door handle

5.) Install Security Camera/Peephole

Peep holes are fairly easy and affordable to install. They are compatible with most doors up to two inches thick (or less) and are another way to buy yourself some time when a burglar may be trying to scam or convince you into willingly opening your door to them. 

In today’s day and age, decent and high quality security cameras can also be bought for a reasonable price online. These are usually also easy to set-up and will allow for surveillance of your property from anywhere in any room without having an actual person monitor things on site. Apps make it easy to get notified when someone is at your door and determine whether or not they are up to no good. 

peep hole installation dallas
Peep hole and Blink door bell camera

911 Locksmith & Security is Here To Help!

911 Locksmith & Security is here to help you if you do decide to install locks our want to up your security game at your home, rental property, business, and more!  

For a closer look at our pricing and to easily schedule an appointment for us to come out to your home, click here.  We have a team of trained lock experts and professionals to assist you and attend to all your concerns!

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