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Access control installation in dallas

How Access Control Systems Secure Properties

Access control installation in dallas
Access Control for Commercial Properties

Whether your building has only a few secure spaces or is home to multiple different tenants with their own employees, access control is now the best way to manage which doors, elevators, and facilities each person on the property can access. 

An access control system uses electronic locks any where you wish to limit access. These locks can be activated by:

  • Keycards 
  • Numeric Codes and Keypads
  • Biometrics 
  • Remote Unlocking From a Central Control Panel 

911 Locksmith and Security uses the Brivo access control system. This software uses advanced and up to date technology to deliver reliable locking as well as offer you a high degree of control and exciting features that make it simple to keep your building secure.

With the Brivo access control system, you will create a profile for each person on the property who needs any access The profile can be adjusted to granularly control which doors that person can unlock and change them as needed. This makes it easy to provide employees access to their offices and community spaces or enable your janitorial staff to unlock rooms they need to clean but prevent them from entering spaces with sensitive information.

Access control systems can also make it possible to turn off access to certain doors for every employee or lock all doors in your building in case of emergency.

Our access control installation in Dallas can also include additional features such as buzz in boxes to enable visitors to call in and have the door remotely unlocked. We can install security cameras in Dallas to complement access control by providing live and recorded video of everything that happens on your property.

911 Locksmith has the capabilities to install access control systems and any additional security components that you need at a property. Throughout the process, we work with you and your existing security measures to be sure we are delivering the right level of security to meet your needs.

As a Dallas security expert that has over a decade of experience in protecting commercial and residential buildings with access control systems, we are also able to offer recommendations on optimal placement for access control locks and surveillance cameras to provide the right combination of building security and flexibility to building managers and your users.

Why Use an Access Control System in Dallas 

Access control systems are a modern alternative to physical locks and keys and can provide an additional layer of security when used together. But there are several benefits to installing an access code control system at your property over depending on keys alone:

  • More Convenient – If you have more than just a couple of employees or building tenants, having to make a new key whenever someone moves into the building is a hassle and can quickly become costly. Access control systems make it possible to set up a new user account in a matter of minutes and scale up quickly.
  • Safer – When someone leaves the building, you do not have to worry about getting the key back. simply turn on their access from within your access control management system. You will also have an updated way to track everyone who has a key.
  • More Granular Control – You can control every single space on your property and restricting an additional room is as simple as adding a new lock and changing the access in Brivo. 
  • In Depth Knowledge – Access control systems log every keycard swipe or access code entered so you can see who came into your property and where they went. 

For added convenience, Brivo access control systems have both a desktop and mobile phone app to let you manage your security and view surveillance footage from anywhere.

Why Choose 911 Locksmith for Access Control System Installation?

911 Locksmith and Security can provide installation, deliver updates, and conduct maintenance and repairs of an access control on your property. Access control systems are one of the best ways to keep any building secure and 911 Locksmith is the leading company for Dallas security installation since we are:

  • Experienced – After more than 10 years working with security systems, we know what strategies are most effective for individual property types. Our clients also rely on us for careful and trustworthy security measures that are dedicated to protecting your building. 
  • Free Evaluation – When you are getting started with an access control system at your building, our team can do an onsite visit where we can show you how access control systems will meet your security needs and provide a cost estimate.
  • State of the Art Technology – Access control systems have been in use for many years, but the latest solutions offer superior security. At 911 Locksmith, we are up to date on all technology to guarantee that we can provide you with the best products.

In addition to access control system installation, we are also a full service Dallas locksmith serving Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington, Garland, and other cities within the metro area with residential and commercial locksmith services.

At your commercial office or residential complex, we can assist with all your additional needs such as high security lock installation, commercial access hardware installation, lockouts, rekeying, and more.

Schedule Security System Installation from 911 Locksmith

Those living and working in your building expect security measures that will keep them and their businesses safe. An access control system makes it possible to meet these expectations in a way that is easy for you to manage. To learn more about how custom access control systems for Dallas commercial properties work and our security services at 911 Locksmith, call us at 214-556-6714 or book a visit online.

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