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What Is A Privacy Lock?

What is a privacy lock and when would I use it?

While the name gives a lot of it away, you may not know how exactly it works. If you live in an apartment where they are required, you may not have even been aware that one of your locks was one.

A privacy lock allows for there to be much more privacy when you are inside your place. For example, if you live in an apartment complex, other workers like the landlord, maintenance workers, or more can have a copy of your key. This means that even if you lock your door, someone can unlock the door and enter the residence. This can be frightening for many reasons. Unfortunately, there have been instances of people’s privacy being violated while in their apartment units.

I Live an Apartment

We operate in the state of Texas, and in this state, it is required for rental properties to install privacy locks for protection. We highly recommend checking your local state laws to see if it is a requirement where you are. If it is not a requirement, and you want to see about adding in that extra layer of protection, you can inquire with your leasing office to see about getting one installed. In Texas, an apartment complex is obligated to pay for a rekey when a new tenant moves in.

I Live in a House

You don’t need to live in an apartment to install a privacy lock. If there is any reason you may want full privacy when you are in a room, that is a good reason to install one. Maybe you have roommates and you don’t want them to be able to get in while your door is locked. Maybe you have a home office and you want to ensure that no one can get in during that important zoom call!

Where Can I Get One?

Privacy locks are not too hard to come by. If you are in the DFW Metroplex, you can give us a call and we will have it installed no problem. If you already have a hole drilled for a privacy lock and you wish to install it yourself, you can go to a hardware store and there is a great chance they will carry them. Be sure to keep in mind, that a privacy lock is an additional lock on your door. There is a high chance that a hole will need to be drilled into your door to install the new hardware. If that is the case, we highly recommend calling a professional and licensed locksmith to get the job done.

2 thoughts on “What Is A Privacy Lock?”

  1. Yes! Finally, I found the right article because my daughter lives in an apartment with her friend and her room always gets trespassed by that person. Thank goodness you told us about privacy locks which provide additional protection against unwanted intrusions. I’ll remind her to check out this option when referring to a locksmith for further assistance.

  2. Oh, my! The fact that privacy locks are compulsory in certain places to keep occupants protected at all times really surprised me, to say the least. A friend of mine just bought an apartment in Colorado but she’s not really convinced with the existing safety features throughout the place. Never mind, I’m just gonna show her this article so she can find the right locksmith to help her out as soon as possible.

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