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Should I Get a Double-Sided Deadbolt?

Should I Get a Double-Sided Deadbolt?

Did you know that there is another type of deadbolt you can get if you have a particular need for it? A standard deadbolt that you probably have is a single-sided deadbolt. This is a bolt where one-sided is flat with a keyhole, and the other has a thumb turn that locks and unlocks it. This is the one we are used to seeing in our homes, and for the most part, is the only kind you would need.

However, there are some situations you may find yourself in where you require a double-sided deadbolt. This is the type of deadbolt where both sides are flat with a keyhole, and there is no thumb-turn. This seems more inconvenient, and you may ask yourself, when would I ever need that? While they are certainly less common, there are situations where installing one may be the right move for you and can provide elevated security and peace of mind. Here are some situations where you may want to install one of thee in your home or business.

  • You want to keep someone from getting out of your house from the inside.

This could be the case with children or elderly people. We have known people who have elderly parents living with them in the home who may tend to wander outside of the house. This can be a very scary and dangerous situation, and installing double-sided deadbolts allows you to be sure a lock can not be opened from the inside without a key. Likewise, you may have a pool in your backyard that you want to make sure a child can’t accidentally fall into. A double-sided deadbolt can provide extra peace of mind that your child cant get out your door without you know since they don’t have the key.

  • A robber can’t unlock a door by punching glass in and unlocking it from the outside

If you happen to have a door to your house that has a glass window, a robber could potentially punch out the glass and turn a thumb turn from the outside to unlock your door. If you have a double-sided deadbolt, there is no thumb turn for a robber to use and now he is stuck outside with a sore hand!

  • You want a room to be secured from both sides

If you have important items or meetings in two separate rooms where you don’t one side infringing on the other, this could be a good use of a double-sided deadbolt. It can be a simple means of elevating your security so that any side of a door needs a key to be accessed unless you choose to unlock it for everyone. 

The Downsides

The only time where a double-sided deadbolt could be less safe is during the case of something like a fire emergency, or anything that requires a quick and easy exit from the location. If the interior side of the lock is secured and you don’t have the key, you can not unlock it without the key. Unless you have left it unlocked yourself, you could have trouble getting out of your home. In the case that you may have a very high-security double-sided deadbolt, the fire department could have a very difficult time getting into your home.

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