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Should I Rekey My Home?

Why Should I Rekey My Home?

Whether it is on the doors that protect your home the entry to your business facility, locks are very important as they are the first line of security. It is vitally important to make sure the integrity of these locks is sound and reliable.
Rekeying a lock involves changing the combination of the tumblers inside the lock to fit a new key into the existing lock, and this can be done by a locksmith. This process of rekeying locks makes old keys invalid as if they never existed. Simply rekeying a home is one of the easiest ways to enhance security at home. One of our Dallas Locksmiths can quickly and efficiently rekey multiple locks for you!

When Should I Rekey My Home?

When You Move to a New Home

After moving into a new place, one of the first things you will want to do is rekey your home. Failure to rekey your locks may by accident give access to the former occupants as they might have kept some spare keys to themselves or other keys might have circulated over time (such as to other family members, cleaners, or acquaintances), and this can be a threat to your security. Another situation may involve landlords or real estate agents who may be in possession of the spare keys and might be able to gain access to your new place of residence or your property. Whether your landlord or real estate agents suggest that you rekey your locks or not, it will be very helpful security-wise to take the initiative and rekey those locks.
Rekeying your locks gives you complete control over who gains access to your home or property. You will be able to control the distribution of your new keys so that the only people able to enter your place are the people you allow.

Lost or Missing Keys

Losing keys can happen to anyone and it’s more common than you might think. You might lose your keys at work, on the road, while traveling, and in many other ways. Someone who has a key to your home could also lose or misplace it. Most of these times it is difficult to remember or recall where they might be or even begin to search for them, thus rekeying your locks immediately will be very vital for you to gain access into your home/property and ensure security just in case the keys fall into the wrong hands or your misplaced keys are picked up by a stranger – who might go on to track you and break into your home.

To Protect Your Home and Business

Maybe someone who has access to your home shouldn’t anymore. Maybe an employee left, got fired, or can’t be trusted. Whatever the case, rekeys your home can be a means of protection. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry, and a simple and quick rekey is worth your peace of mind.


Having a key that fits all of your locks is much easier than fumbling around with a bunch of keys. We can make master keys or simply match all of your locks to a certain key. Rekeying is also quicker and more affordable than changing an entire lock, making it one of the easiest solutions to having peace of mind. Think of rekeying as wiping the slate clean!

A Little Peace of Mind

While rekeying is a very cost-effective option, but you can’t put a price on a little peace of mind! Home is a place where we should feel safe, comfortable, and at ease. Something as simple as a rekey can contribute to that kind of peace of mind. Now more than ever, we have been spending more time at home. Remote work and a worldwide pandemic made sure of that. Feel as comfortable and secure as possible by making sure your home security is in check!

How Do I Rekey My Home?

While a rekey can be a regular procedure for one of our trained locksmiths in Dallas, it is a complex procedure for someone who hasn’t been taught. While you could spend hours looking through youtube videos or website articles, we recommend you hire a professionally trained technician to handle the job. They will be able to do it correctly, efficiently, and with full confidence. They will also be able to cut you as many keys as you need at the same time!


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